Introducting Yun Tang Violin Method

Yun Tang Violin Course
For Beginner is a professional violin teaching website for children. It is a specially designed for beginners who wants to learn the violin step by step in correct way from the very beginning. This newly introduced violin cartoon teaching program is the best choice for children who wants to study violin right at their own home.

All lessons have been proven effective and are very easy to use for the young beginner. We put music + demonstrations + varieties of accompaniments + cartoons + easy music theory & play-along all together. With this attractive educational program on the web, we have created the best opportunity available for every child to have first-class violin music lessons (regardless of his/her guardian's knowledge in music).

The has 50 courses(in 4 volumes, each volume contains 12 courses. The 4th volume has 14. English & Chinese bilingual language is available in free switch to learn). Using the web, we are able to make the program very affordable for every child who is interested in studying violin.

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Praeludium and Allegro - F.Kreisler

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