YT Violin Method

Q: If my child knows nothing about music, can they use this program?

A: Yes, even if you know nothing about music, you can use this program to study violin and music from scratch.

Q: As a parent, do I have to accompany my children while they use this program?

A: Preferably, it is the best way for your children to learn this program.

Q: What kind of software will support "Yun Tang Violin Method"?

A: Browser and broadband is basic requirement.

Q: What kind of violin should I have?

A: A student violin set will be good enough.

Q: What size of the violin should I buy?

A: It depends, usually children at ages 4-7 use size 1/4, at ages 7-9 use size 1/2.

Q: If my child quits in the middle of the program, can I get a refund?

A: No, this is a non-refundable program.

Q: Do my children need any extra time to practice aside from playing with the instructor?

A: No, your children are only required to follow the instructor for the web lesson once a day.

Q: What will my children learn from this program?

A: When they have completed the program, they will learn how to play violin and how to read music. They will be able to play more than fifty newly-composed beautiful pieces and will surely have had plenty of fun.

Q: If the student wants to take a break for a couple weeks, is that allowed?

A: Yes, you may take a break between the courses, but you must complete all 50 courses (4 volumes) within 52 weeks. After 52 weeks, your courses will be automatically expired.

Q: How do I take care of my violin?

A: The basics on the use and care of a violin.

Interview with Reporter

Reporter: If the parents and children do not know any music, is suitable for them?

Yun Tang: Yes, the is designed for all children regardless of their knowledge in music. This can be a good opportunity to start learning how to play the violin and have fun as well.

Reporter: Is it possible to learn violin with the online program without a private instructor?

Yun Tang: Certainly. The aim of the web program is to provide a better teaching job for beginners. We use step by step video demonstration with easy to understand language, and cartoon characters to help children to learn the violin, and it will be as simple as 1, 2, 3 for them to imitate. By the end of the first year of study, children will be able to learn 50 newly-composed beautiful pieces, and parents will be surprised to see just how much their children can learn within a year.

Reporter: I understand the web program has composed a variety of different accompaniments for every single piece?

Yun Tang: Yes, this is a very important part of my teaching method. The first year of violin study is the foundation. Most people have learned violin the hard way with the traditional method. This is why we wanted to create an easier way for children to learn the violin.

Reporter: has created some cartoon characters for the violin web lesson. Is this the first of its kind ever?

Yun Tang: Yes, is the first ever revolutionary new violin web program. Today, children are more intelligent. We have created some cartoon characters with the music that will make children more interested to play the violin. That way they will learn the violin much easier, faster, and have fun while learning.

Reporter: What is the advantage in studying violin with the web program?

Yun Tang: There are many advantages in studying with

1) For the first year, children aged 4-9 is begin by learning the basics: drawing the bow, basic fingering and learning to read music. You could easily learn all of these with web program. Traditionally, the students would have taken weekly lessons with a private instructor. Usually at this young age, they will quickly forget most of the lesson when they go back to the private instructor the following week. A lot of time is wasted by repeating old material which will make the child lose interest in the violin very soon.

However, if children study with the web program, they will have the lesson every day (just 10 minutes a day), and because of this every day study method, children will be able to remember most of the lesson they have learned. This will make their progress three or four times faster than the traditional weekly lesson with the tutor.

2) Aside from the children being able to learn more and at a faster pace, their guardians also will save tonnes of time by just sitting with their children in their own living room instead of driving around in and out every week. The lesson is taken also at your own convenient schedule too.

3) is very affordable, and is an effective violin lesson web program (compared to the traditional weekly lessons costing $50 or more per lesson. This figure does not include counting in accompaniment costs which usually will be the same amount as the lesson). The cost of web program is just a dollar a day. Only web program could make it possible and available.